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Story today!

We started a story about a king who did not like FUN, no movies, no parks, , ;th no smiling, and certainly no laughing! His kingdom was very solemn indeed. Our main character Anu, was a happy guy and he needed to buy some bread. He went into town and went into the bread store and TOLD A JOKE: How do fish know how much they weigh? They use their scales!!!! But little did he know that the very king of the kingdom was in the bread shop. Poor Anu was banished to a dark forest where he met momogu another person who had been banished as well .The longer you stay in the forest, you start becoming very angular stick figures! So they made a plan to squish way down low with their angular bodies and snuck under the castle door. They started telling jokes to the king, in his sleep and he began to laugh. Then we had some crazy things with a giant squirrel, a vortex but in ithe end , the king realized the importance of laughing and fun, and built so many parks, opened movie theaters, and let people laugh.

(I hope it comes true!)

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