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Story for this week!

I transcribed as fast as I could. This is about 5 kids ranging from age 4 to 10 making up a story together!

Charlie woke up and he didn’t know where he was. He looked around and realized he was in some sort of basement.

And then he looked again, and there were sooo so so many dragons in this basement

These dragons were actually were not normal dragons. they were other types of dragons. Charlie did not know how he got there.

He thought about the last time he was there. He had another house

He was in the basement, tinkering with cool stuff

Basement was so big it could fit another house in it

He explored it in the night to look for a cool animals

His parents did not allow it but he snuck out. He was so tired but when woke up he was surrounded by dragons

Then a big witch appeared in front of Charlie

and She was the World Witch

And then the world witch said ,”If you do 3 jobs, then I will send you to the unicorn land, where you can do anything you want you can get cake ,you do anything you want you can have anything you want. Everything is never wrong.

1. Help me turn other people bad

2. Make all the dragons bad

3. Help me make the most beautiful unicorn statue

Charlie says NO!

The world witch does nothing

Then she realizes that she can turn Charlie hypnotized!


And then she says, “Ok, but first you have to done 1 thing, look into my eyes.”

Charlie does that and he’s like, “what I do I do?”

He gets hypnotized

He says, “What should I do ma’am?”

So this weird guy named the Repeater and the copier. He has to find something to copy

This guy came from the world of video

and then he pooped into this world.


And then what happened what that She said you have one more job to do that I didn’t tell you.

You have to do the job to make another world and I will not tell you how

You have to make it in one day

And then she disappeared!

The hypnotized Charlie he tried to make another world.

Make the world into another world.

That didn’t work, he thought he had magic powers but he didn’t

hmmmm, let’s take these 2 giants brIcks and mash them together but that didn’t work

He tried everything and nothing worked.

I must find the witch and get a potion or something

He bumped into something, the witch was invisible

HE told the witch, NO, you cannot have a potion.


And then he realized got unhypnotized. he realized the witch was evil

He thought of a plan to get rid of the witch

And there the dragons in the corner, hiding away from he witch.

They came and tried to help Charlie

A trap door opened and happy moose and angry moose came out of the the trap door

Charlie called IRON man who was with War Machine

They agreed to come help

I am a mean evil witch

Get out of my way!

World Witch is friends with the scarlet witch

The dragons use fire

The witches eyes got foggy from the dragons breath

Oh no, the witch says, I’m lost. Iron Man threw them into space and they were never seen again

So angry moose & Happy moose have to to their happy dance to create a portal that only opens for 5 seconds.

Okay, then Charlie has to run through the emotion portal and has to go through the emotion world, very short, back flip through and push the buttons AND GO HOME.

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